About the company

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Koleje Dolnośląskie S.A. is a company fully owned by the local self-government. The company was established pursuant to Resolution No. XX/246/07 of the Provincial Assembly of the Lower Silesia Province dated December 28, 2007. The justification for the aforementioned Resolution outlined the purpose of the company, which consists in providing passenger transportation services by railbuses within the territory of the Lower Silesia. We perform this task as commissioned by the province self-government. Having obtained a relevant license, as the first passenger rail operator we were granted the European Safety and National Safety Certificates.


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Supported by the Lower Silesia Province Marshal’s Office and involved in effective cooperation with the local self-governments, we have been striving to change the way the regional railway transport is perceived. Our company and the foregoing institutions share a social mission, in which we want to get the passengers involved in creating the friendly railway for themselves together with us. In order to receive feedback from the passengers regarding their expectations and level of satisfaction with our services, we have established an efficiently operating Customer Service Center, conducted several large-scale surveys, and published a special public opinion research form on our website. We also make sure not to leave any questions to our spokesperson unanswered.

We are aware of the immense responsibility and enormous load of work to be done until our passengers are fully content with the quality of our services. Each and every day we put our best efforts to perform our tasks at a high level and to build your friendly railways.